The Labcoat Brothers

MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 6 Exitus range for decontaminating workbenches and equipment before handling in molecular biology. ●DNA Exitus for removing nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) from surfaces and equipment (pipettes, PCR hood, microtube, etc.) ●RNase Exitus plus for removing RNases from surfaces and equipment (pipettes, PCR hood, microtube, etc.) ●Contains dye to visualise treated surfaces, IF version without dye ●The two solutions can be used sequentially to eliminate DNA, RNA and RNases (DNA exitus then RNase Exitus) DNA-Exitus Plus, DNA-Exitus Plus IF, RNase-Exitus Plus RNase-ExitusPlus - 500 ml DNA-ExitusPlus - 500 ml DNA-ExitusPlus - 100 ml Part no. 049912 30 - 65,60 - Part no. 049920 Part no. 049918 29 - 21 - 62,30 - 27 - / / more info Non-corrosive, non-toxic and environmentally friendly solutions Part no. Number of 50 µl reactions Number of 20 µl reactions € € PROMO 257683 100 250 53,1 - 39 - ●For low-level target detection, screening, mutliplexing, direct colony PCR, and qPCR applications ●Inactivated at room temperature, activation at 95°C for 15 min ●Master mix ready to use, addition of matrix, primers and water only Hot Disco Taq master mix 2X, ready to use Hot Disco Taq DNA polymerase