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The Dulis Company


Dulis is a distribution company for scientific consumables and equipment covering Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, and is based in Namur.

With more than 50,000 references in its catalogue, and relying on one of the largest stocks in Europe, its technical-sales team is available to meet and advise its customers and provide them with the best possible service. The team is always ready to listen to its customers in order to constantly improve its services and the evolution of our products.


Our philosophy is based on

Our customers want to

Our suppliers want to

Our employees want to

Dulis aims to

Let's share your challenges! share our values ARTEA !


In its communication, in the choice of new products, in its investment dynamics, Dulis makes of audacity a strong value of the company.


In a demanding economic world, every Dulis team, overcomes obstacles and innovates in the proposed solutions.
Acronyme des valeurs de Dustcher: ARTEA


Perfection does not exist. But in all its actions, by its approach in the quality assurance, Dulis aims at the zero-defect and the zero-concern.


We are humble, sincerely committed, and give meaning to our approach : to contribute to the success and satisfaction of our customers.
Illustration des trois dirigeants Dulis
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