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Analis and Dominique Dutscher announce the creation of Dulis


Dulis is born

This new company is the result of a joint venture between two major suppliers of scientific laboratory equipment: Analis (Benelux) and Dutscher (France). Dulis already has a solid capital of accumulated expertise, competence and experience.

Dulis is a Belgian company, based in Namur, dedicated to the distribution of consumables and small scientific instruments for Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

With more than 50 000 items in its catalog, Dulis offers pharmaceutical, clinical-biological, research, control and analysis laboratories the largest brands on the market. For fast delivery, the company can rely on one of the largest stocks in Europe. Expertise, proximity and response is the motto of this new company in offering quality service to laboratories.

"It is with passion and expertise that Analis - for almost 100 years now - brings scientific instruments and solutions to laboratories within the BeNeLux." said Vincent Luyckx, CEO of Analis SA/NV. "To further expand our offering and service to customers, we decided to create the company Dulis. Joint-Venture between Dominique Dutscher and Analis. While Analis will continue to focus on instruments and service, Dulis will provide laboratories with disposables and labware."

"Dominique Dutscher and Analis share the same values to satisfy customers and provide high added value in terms of support, advice and responsiveness." said Dominique Wencker, CEO of Dominique Dutscher. "That is why we are very excited about Dulis. Leaning on the strong image of Analis on one hand, adding a broad product portfolio of consumables, disposables and labware on the other hand, will allow laboratories to advance even further in their science projects."

Discover the Dulis universe

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