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Drosophila is a model organism for research. Highly used in the field of genetics and development, Drosophila melanogaster remains the best known and most widely used species for lab work. Described by Johann Wihelm Meigen in 1830, it was also studied by Thomas Hunt Morgan since 1908, culminating in a Nobel Prize in 1933 for his discovery of the principles of sexual reproduction.

Dulis offers many types of consumables for breeding and studying Drosophila: tubes, caps, racks, storage bottles, Droso-Filler, sampling systems, spawning cages, agar, trays and distribution inserts...

A wide selection of food for Drosophila is also available, including Tegosept, yellow cornmeal, sodium propionate, molasses or inactive or active dry yeast.

Consult the MEMMERT guide of incubation and rearing applications for drosophila Memmert

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