Blotters semi-dry

Ideal for transferring proteins< 150 kd. Mini gels in 15 minutes. For extremely fast and effective transfer of proteins onto membranes. Also for nucleic acids on agarose gel.

SLIM blotters liquid medium

Developed with the aim of quickly obtaining Western and Southern blots using low quantities of buffer. The tanks equipped with a titanium / platinum anode enable the use of highly conductive buffers to transfer nucleic acids as effectively as proteins. Transfers with SLIM Blotters are very fast and high quality due to the low distance between the electrodes.

• in 40 minutes at 24 volts, total protein transfer up to 170 Kd for a 0.75 mm thick gel;
• a 1 mm thick gel requies 30 minutes at 24 volts.

• 30 minutes at 24 volts for human DNA on 5 mm agarose gel.

Gel Trans Blotters

Two different sized tanks enable the transfer of gels up to 20 x 20 cm. Protected platinum electrodes mounted on detachable supports ensure uniform transfer quality.
The cassettes that receive the sandwiches slip into machined grooves on the sides of the tank enabling narrow, reproducible tightening with no risk of deformation during transfer. Cryostat cooling system integrated into the base.

TurboBlotter : rapid blotting device for transfer of DNA and RNA.

• Uses capilarity combined with gravity
• Compact : small footprint, stackable
• Blotting device for high-resolution transfer of DNA and RNA
• Rapid: downward capillary transfer allows for alkaline buffer transfers in 1 h and neutral (SSC) transfers in 3 h
• Economical: Reusable blotting device requires less buffer and blotting paper
• Easy to use: Very easy to set up and works without power or vacuum source

Each TurboBlotter Kit contains :
• 1 transfer device ;
• membranes and papers, enough for five transfers

Each TurboBlotter refill contains five sets of membranes and papers, enough for five transfers.
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