Cytiva Illustra

Cytiva Illustra™ Triple Prep : simultaneous extraction and insulation of DNA, RNA, and proteins from the same sample

• Kit for a simultaneous extraction and insulation of genomic DNA (gDNA), total RNA, and proteins from the same sample
• Flexible workflow : can isolate any two or all three analytes
• User friendly : minimal change of centrifugation speed, time, and pipetting volume
• Ideal for small samples
• Suited for 10 mg input sample, at different disruption difficulty
• ADN : yield from 6.8 to 22.4 µg, from 10 mg tissue amount
• ARN : yield from 8.1 to 44 µg
• Protein : yield from 510 to 1460 µg
• 90 min procedure, including lysis step

Cytiva illustra™ nucleic acid purification

• illustra RNAspin 96 RNA insulation kit
• For fast and efficient purification of total FNA in a 96-well format
• 96 samples can be processed in under 70 min.
• DNase and wash plates included in the kit
• A260/A280 = 1.8 - 2.2
• Processing via either centrifugation or vacuum-based protocols
• Sample Size, cell culture centrifuge : 1 x 107cells
• Sample Size, cell culture vacuum : 2 x 106cells
• Up to 20 µg typical yield for a cell culture centrifuge protocol, up to 100 µg for a centrifuge protocol

Mini illustra™ tissue and cells genomicPrep Mini Spin kit

• Illustra tissue and cells genomicPrep Mini Spin kit
• For the rapid extraction of high molecular weight genomic DNA (gDNA) from tissues and cell cultures
• Up to 1.5 µg DNA / mg of tissue from an input tissue sample range of 5 to 50 mg
• Up to 40 µg genomic DNA for 5 millions cells (depending on cell type)
• Total DNA extraction in 90 min
• A 260/ A 280 = 1.8

Mini illustra™ blood genomicPrep Mini Spin kit

• Illustra blood genomicPrep Mini Spin Kit
• For the rapid extraction and purification of DNA from whole blood, buffy coat, bone marrow, and nucleated red blood cells
• Excellent repeatability and optimal yield (5 to 10 µg DNA from a 200 µl sample)
• Input sample volumes can vary from 50 µl to 1 ml
• DNA purity : A 260/A 280 >1.6
• Total time of preparation : 20 min (includes lysis, purification and desalting)

Mini illustra™ bacteria genomicPrep Mini Spin kit

• Illustra bacteria genomicPrep Mini Spin Kit
• For the rapid extraction and purification of genomic DNA from gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
• Total DNA extraction time under 1 h
• Can be used to purify 4 to 8 µg of DNA for Gram + (from 2 x 109bacteria cells)
• Kit designed for input amounts ranging from 1 × 109to 4 × 109bacteria cells
• A260/A280 between 1.7 and 1.9
• Contains Proteinase K

Cytiva illustra GFX™ PCR DNA and Gel Band Purification Kits

• This kit can be used to purify DNA from reaction volumes up to 100 µl or agarose gel slices up to 900 mg
• Recoveries range from 60% to 80% for DNA fragments from agarose gel to as high as 95% for PCR products from solution
• 99.5% of contaminants removed

Advantages :
• flexible 10 to 50 µl elution volume for different DNA concentration needs ;
• Two choices of elution buffer ;
• Highly pure DNA is ready for direct use in sequencing, PCR*, labeling, restriction enzyme digestion, and cloning.

Purification and concentration of DNA fragments ranging in size from 50 bp to 10 kb, from :
• PCR mixtures* ;
• DNA-containing agarose gel bands ;
• enzyme-based DNA modifications, and restriction enzyme digests

illustra GFX 96 PCR Purification Kit

• For the purification of up to 96 PCR products (0.1 to 10 kb) simultaneously in as little as 15 min
• Elution volume : 10 - 100 µl
• Validated for use with Macherey-Nagel NucleoVac 96 vacuum manifold
• Typical recoveries are >85% for PCR products 100 bp to 10 kb in length; salt removal typically >= 99%
• Avoids ethanol precipitations and hazardous organic extractions
• Purified DNA is ready for use in most applications, including fluorescent sequencing, microarrays, labeling, hybridization, ligation, and transformation

Illustra Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase and Exonuclease I

Use alkaline phosphatase and exonuclease to clean PCR reactions before sequencing.

illustra™ GenomiPhi™ DNA Amplification Kit : amplification of the whole genome

No thermal cycler required!

Sample Weight : 10 ng of genomic DNA

Single Cell Genomiphi™ GELS Illustra

Enzyme Phi29 DNA polymerase for the amplification of genomic DNA in its entirety, from 1 to 1000 cells.
Suitable for SNP applications, CGH arrays and Next Generation Sequencing.

NAP columns

• For rapid and efficient purification of DNA and oligonucleotides (10-mers) in less than 15 min
• Purification by gravity flow
• Available in three sizes depending on sample volume : 0.5 ml (NAP-5), 1 ml (NAP-10) and 2.5 ml (NAP-25)

Sephadex G-25 DNA Grade

• Sephadex powder enables self preparation of columns
• For purification of DNA
• Used in MicroSpin G-25 Columns and NAP Columns

Sephadex G-50 and G-100 DNA Grade

• Sephadex powder enables self preparation of columns
• For purification of DNA
• Sephadex G-50 DNA Grade is used in illustra AutoSeq G-50 columns, ProbeQuant G-50 Micro Columns, MicroSpin G-50 Columns, and NICK Columns

Cytiva illustra™ PCR kits : Ready-To-Go™ technique

PuReTaq Ready-To-Go PCR Beads are pre-mixed, predispensed, single-dose reactions optimised for performing standard PCR amplifications.

Cytiva PCR illustra™ kits : Ready-To-Go™ technique

The RTG (Ready-To-Go) is to provide the mix necessary for the reaction as preformulated, premixed, predispensed beads

• Increased reproducibility
• Minimized pipetting steps
• Reduced the potential for contamination
• Long-term ambient-temperature stable (>12 months)

Billes illustra Hot Start Mix RTG : pour les PCR nécessitant une haute spécificité de l'amplification. Les seuls réactifs to ajouter sont : l'eau, l'ADN to amplifier, les amorces.

La réaction Polymérase Chain Reaction (PCR) est couvert par des brevets de Roche Molecular Systems and F Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

Ready-to-go T4 DNA ligase

Single-dose lyophilised reaction mix. Ambient-temperature storage. For covalently-linking DNA fragments in 30 min.

Cytiva PCR components

Taq DNA Polymerase (cloned) : 1 unit incorporates 10 nmol of total nucleotides into acid-insoluble material in 30 min at 70ºC, in a total volume of 50 µl.

Cytiva Hot Start MasterMix

• For demanding PCR applications in which high specificity are essential
• Reduces nonspecific priming
• Kit Contents : Tris-HCl, KCl, MgCl2, dNTPs, Taq DNA Polymerase, Hot Start Activator protein, additional MgCl2 tube

Cytiva dATP and dNTP

• Free from DNase, RNase, and nicking enzyme activity
• Compatible for long range PCR
• Concentration : 100 mm
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