Eppendorf Mastercyclers

Thermal cyclers Eppendorf Mastercycler Nexus

• Easy to program, rapid and intuitive
• Protocols can be locked with a passcode
• Pause function, variable temperature rise, temperature control mode, etc.
• SteadySlope gradient technology, guaranteed heating and cooling rates identical to the gradient-free mode
• Innovative heated lid reduces sample evaporation
• Handle made for for one-hand operation of the heater cover
• Available in individual module Eco version, without a control interface, for connection to a MasterCycler already present in the laboratory
• Suitable for all types of PCR tubes and plates

Mastercycler Nexus :
• Possibility of connecting the central unit with 2 Eco thermomodules via CAN_Bus connection, for maximum productivity (all combinations possible)•
• Connectable to the computer network, an automatic email can be sent to advise the program has finished
• Can be customised via the CycleManager Pro software
• Nexus Flat: with flat thermoblock without well, ideal for slides or any unusual consumables
• X1 models: with silver thermoblock, increasing heating and cooling speeds while decreasing energy consumption
• Nexus X2: equipped with two independent asy mmetric blocks, for increased flexibility
• Any version, except Nexus Flat, available in a version with a temperature gradient (only on 64-tube block for GSX2 version)
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