Polyethylene wash bottles

Narrow neck wash bottle with white cap

• Polyethylene
• Narrow neck
• Coloured polypropylene cap with swivel spout

Wide neck wash bottle with coloured cap

• Polyethylene
• Coloured cap moulded from one single piece with the spout

Standardised narrow neck flask

• Material: polyethylene
• Graduated, ideal for liquid or oily samples
• Conical geometry ensures complete emptying
• Small plastic loop and perforated cap for lead-sealing
• Neck and thread according to norms DIN 13316 and 168

Wash bottles for distilled water

• Material: polyethylene
• Ideal for distilled water
• The liquid is released by applying pressure to the body of the bottle
• Draw tube with a small removable cone

Integral wash bottles

• Material: polyethylene
• Wash bottle with draw tube made of a single piece
• Perfect impermeability and prevention of any leaks
• Standardised cap interchangeable with the flask series 391278-391289
• Oval shape facilitates handling and increases stability

Wide neck integral wash bottles

• Material: polyethylene
• Easy, safe filling
• Graduated
• With coloured cap for identifying the contents
• Exit stem forms an integral part of the cap which eliminates the tendency of the cap to absorb air and liquid
• Neck GL 45 (ø 38 mm)

ClearLine® wide-mouth wash bottle

• Low density polyethylene
• Cap molded in one piece
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