Syringe filters

ClearLine syringe filters®

• 9 types of membranes to meet all needs
• Diameter from 13 to 33 mm
• Sterile or non-sterile
• Sterile or non-sterile
• Colour code according to membrane
• Polypropylene body
• Female luer lock inlet/ male luer outlet
• Gamma ray sterilisation
• Version with pre-filter for loaded solutions

Puradisc Whatman non-sterile syringe filters™

Membranes and applications:
CA: aqueous samples, good thermal resistance, low release

PES: aqueous samples, high throughput, low protein adsorption

PVDF: aqueous or organic samples, sample filtration

HPLC, slightly hydrophobic membrane with low protein adsorption

PA: aqueous or organic samples, HPLC sample filtration

RC: aqueous or organic samples, HPLC sample filtration

PP: aqueous or organic samples, HPLC sample filtration, hydrophobic membrane

H-PTFE: organic samples, hydrophilic membrane

PTFE: organic samples, hydrophobic membrane

Puradisc syringe filters

Puradisc syringe filters are well suited for rapid, routine syringe filtration of samples up to 100 ml.
• Luer lock input (FLL), luer output (ML)
• Polypropylene body for syringe filters Ø 4, 13, 25 mm
• Polycarbonate body for syringe filter Ø 30 mm
• For volumes up to 2ml (Ø 4 mm) or 10ml (Ø 13 mm) or 100ml (Ø 25 and 30 mm)

Membrane material: AC = cellulose acetate, PP = polypropylene, PSU = polysulfone, PES = polyethersulfone, GF/A, GF/C, GMF = microfiberglass, PVDF = polyvinylidene fluoride, PTFE = polytetrafluoroethylene, RC = regenerated cellulose, NC = cellulose nitrate, H-PTFE = hydrophilic polytetrafluoroethylene

AC: aqueous samples or certain organic samples

GMF: aqueous or organic samples

NYL: aqueous or organic samples, HPLC samples, hydrophilic

PP: aqueous or organic samples, low protein absorption

PES: aqueous samples, biological samples (serum, plasma), good chemical resistance, resistance to high temperatures, low protein absorption

PTFE: organic samples, hydrophobic

H-PTFE: organic solvents, aqueous samples, HPLC/uHPLC, low protein absorption, hydrophilic

PVDF: aqueous or organic samples, HPLC samples, low protein absorption, hydrophilic

Whatman ReZist™ Syringe Filters

The ReZist™ filters are specifically designed to be resistant to organic solvents. They are used in particular for the clarification of aggressive organic solvents in HPLC.
They can also be used for air sterilisation of small equipment.

Syringe Filters Whatman Anotop™

anotop IC filters for sample preparation for ion chromatography and HPLC.

Whatman Roby™ Syringe Filters

The Roby™ filters for robotic systems are designed for automatic filtration of samples especially in dissolution testing. They are optimised for Sotax, Caliper (Zymark), Varian and Erweka.

Whatman GD/X syringe filters with prefilter

Specifically designed for high particulate-loaded samples.

Whatman GD/XP™ Syringe Filters

GD/XP filters™ for organic ion analysis as ionic extractables are minimal. Commonly used for HPLC sample preparation and trace metal analysis.

Whatman SPARTAN™ Syringe Filters

The SPARTAN™ Certified filters, ensure reproducible results for the filtration of organic and aqueous solutions used in HPLC.

Anotop syringe filter

Filter with the exclusive « Anopore » membrane. Well suited for biological filtration.

Whatman UNIFLO Syringe Filters

To clarify aqueous solutions and organic mixtures.

Millex syringe filter for aqueous solutions

Choice of membranes:
• Durapore: PVDF membrane with very low protein binding.
• Express: PES membrane combining low protein binding and rapid filtration.
• Cellulose ester: standard membrane with a variety of uses, available in many porosities.
• LCR: Hydrophilic PTFE, universal, for aqueous solutions and solvents.

Millex syringe filter for loaded solutions

Choice of membranes:
• Durapore: PVDF membrane with very low protein binding.
• Nylon.

Millex for gas filtration

Membranes Fluoropore: hydrophobic PTFE for the filtration of gas and organic solvents.

Millex filter for HPLC samples

Choice of membranes:
• Durapore: PVDF membrane with very low protein binding
• Nylon
• Fluoropore: hydrophobic PTFE for gas and organic solvent filtration
• LCR: Hydrophilic PTFE, universal, for aqueous solutions and solvents
• Fibreglass

Millex 33 mm sample preparation

The non-sterile Millex filters have a 33 mm diameter and offer almost 20% more filtration surface than the 25 mm filters. This allows you to work with better flow rate and performance while maintaining a low dead volume (< 80 µl).

Air vent filters Midisart 2000

• Sterile vents for fermenters, carboys and CO2 incubators of 6 to 120 litres
• Can be used as filters for aqueous solution
• Also for on line sterilisation
• Filter body: PTFE - reinforced by polypropylene
• Membrane: polypropylene
• Membrane diameter: 64 mm
• Filtration surface: 20 cm²
• Volume: approx. 3 ml
• Max. temp. autoclave: 134 °C
• Max. cycles autoclave: 20
• Maximum resistance: 300 kPa (3 bar = 44 psi)

Syringe filters Minisart RC

• With regenerated cellulose membrane
• Hydrophilic
• Non-sterile
• For ultra cleaning of aqueous solutions and organic solvents
• Autoclavable
• Connection: input luer lock, output luer

Syringe filters Minisart® SRP

• With PTFE membrane
• Hydrophobic
• Non-sterile
• For in-depth cleaning of aggressive solutions, HPLC and GC samples
• Autoclavable
• Input connection female luer lock

Syringe filter Minisart High Flow

• Ready for use, sterile, individually packaged
• PES membrane (Poly Ether Sulfone): broad chemical compatibility - pH range: 1 to 14
• High flow and filtration capacity

• Sterile filtration of aqueous solutions, acids and bases for volumes up to 100 ml

Syringe filter Minisart

• Ready for use
• Cellulose acetate membrane without surfactant guaranteeing very low protein binding
• The Minisart Plus also has a fibreglass prefilter which facilitates the filtration of fouling solutions
• Filtration surface of 5.3 cm²: high filtration output
• EC marked according to the European Directive EDC 93/42/EEG on medical devices for the Minisart N ml with porosity 0.2 and 0.45 µm
• membrane Diameter: 28 mm / filter body in cryolite Diameter: 33 mm
• Female LL inlet connection
• Applications: filtration and clarification of aqueous solutions for volumes up to 100 ml

Nalgene™ syringe filters

• Ideal for sample volumes of 0.5 to 1.0 ml (Ø 4 mm), 2 to 10 ml (Ø 13 mm) and 10 to 50 ml (Ø 25 mm).
• Colour-coded filter body, 1 colour / material
• Membrane material and pore size printed on the side of the filter
• Lot number and expiration date on each sterile package
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