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ClearLine® 2D Barcoded Cryotubes

ClearLine® Quality:
• Virgin medical grade polypropylene tubes, caps in medical grade polyethylene
• Suitable for use down to -196 °C
• Free of human DNA, RNase, DNase, ATP and PCR inhibitors
• Sterile (beta-radiation, SAL 10-6)
• USP Class VI (non-cytotoxic, non-haemolytic)
• Autoclavable (open) at 121 °C for 20 minutes

ClearLine® 1D Barcoded Cryotubes

• Bi-injection polyethylene and silicone caps: no leaking, no contamination and excellent grip for screwing/unscrewing
• Star cap design, for use with automatic decappers and vial pickers
• Printed graduations, with writing area
• Provided with a pre-printed random barcode
• Locking system (for skirted tubes only) for use with the base of polycarbonate cryogenic boxes and workstations
• Autoclavable (open) at 121 °C for 20 minutess

Cryogenics Starter Kit - ClearLine®

Pack consisting of:
• 50 cryotubes 2 ml with internal screw cap
• 50 cryotubes 2 ml with external screw cap
• 1 recovery rod for cryotubes
• 1 white cardboard box with marking surface for 81 cryotubes
• Rainbow pack 24 adhesive tapes 12 m x 13 mm mix colours
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