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Cytiva (ex GE Healthcare)

Cytiva protein sample preparation: lysis / protein extraction

2-D Protein Extraction Buffer for gel analysis: a convenient way to prepare high quality protein lysates.

• Allows high quality results for downstream applications such as 2-D gel analysis
• Can also be used prior to 1-D electrophoresis, or for rehydrating IPG strips prior to 2-D electrophoresis
• Supplied as a dry powder which is rehydrated with the provided diluent
• Trial Kit allows you to evaluate each extraction buffer to find the most suitable buffer for your sample

Grinding kit: for disrupting small tissue and cell samples. Uses 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tubes, grinding resin and disposable pestles.

High-Abundant Protein Depletion: high-Abundant Protein Depletion kits conveniently remove >95% HSA and >90% IgG from 10 to 15 µl human serum, prior to 2-D electrophoresis

Mammalian and Yeast protein extraction buffer: for efficient and gentle extraction of biologically active, total soluble proteins from mammalian and yeast cultured cells

• Replaces laborious methods
• High reproductibility
• Total extraction of soluble proteins
• Yeast buffer: suitable for preparation of approximately 10 ml yeast cell pellets suspension as single or as multiple smaller preps
• Mammalian buffer: suitable for preparation of approximatively 10 ml of cell pellets

2-D Protein Extraction Buffer

• Ready-to-use buffers for total protein extraction from tissues and cell lines, for 2-D gel analysis
• Efficient and reproducible protein extraction with high yield
• 6 different buffers covering the wide range of protein diversity

Protease Inhibitor Mix

• Protease inhibitor cocktail specifically developed for sample preparation in 2-D studies
• Effectively inhibits over 95% of protease activity
• Does not contain EDTA

Nuclease Mix

• Specifically developed for removal of nucleic acids in sample preparation for IEF/2-D electrophoresis applications in proteomic studies
• Does not contain EDTA
• Complete Packsize: 0.5 ml, ready-to-use

SDS-PAGE Clean-Up Kit

• Prepares samples for SDS-PAGE
• Eliminate the presence of salts and optimize protein concentration by coprecipitation
• Sample Volume: 1 to 100 µl
• Kit for 50 samples of 100 µl volume max.
• Delivers quantitative yield in less than 2 h

Mini Dialysis Kit

• Designed for dialysis of small sample volumes
• Dyalisis volume up to 2 ml
• Each kit contains 50 tubes

Cytiva Desalting Columns

• Buffer exchange, desalting
• Clean-up of proteins, peptides, sugars, and more biomolecule
• Removal of small contaminants (salts, dyes, radioactive labels) from samples using gravity flow

• Gel filtration with separation according to molecular weight
• Sephadex™ G-25 media, exclusion limit: > 5000 Mr
• Sephadex™ G-10 media, exclusion limit: > 700 Mr

Cytiva Mag Sepharose™

Magnetic beads for easier handling during the enrichment of peptides or target proteins.

Target proteins immobilized to Mag Sepharose beads are used for capture of target proteins after which collection of the beads is achieved using the Mag Rack magnetic device. Up to six samples can be processed in parallel.

Amersham Protran nitrocellulose blotting membrane

The Hybond and Whatman brands combine to give Amersham optimised blotting membranes.

Amersham Hybond PVDF blotting membrane

• Ready-to-use solution for blotting applications
• Contains precut Amersham Hybond P 0.2 µm PVDF membranes preassembled with 2 x 3 mm Chr Blotting papers
• The orientation of the sandwich must be so that the membrane is on the anode side of the gel
• 3 mm Chr paper sheets cover each side of the sandwich
• The gel is ready for transfer

ECL blocking agent

• To be used with the ECL reagents
• Intended for blocking nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes

ECL Prime blocking reagent

• For use with ECL Prime and Amersham Plex detection reagents

QuickStain staining kit for Proteins (Cy5) quantification

• Allows fluorescence detection of Proteins directly after SDS-PAGE or transfer
• Excitation and emission wavelength:: 650 nm / 670 nm
• Up to 150 samples
• qualitative or quantitative marking according to staining time
• Does not require discolouration step
• Compatible with pre-cast gels
• Compatible with chemiluminescence or fluorescent secondary marking
• Without epitopes saturation for western blotting
• Low background noise

Amersham Hyperfilm™ ECL and MP

Rapid detection of chemiluminescent signals from nucleic acid and protein targets.

Hybond ECL Membranes

• Ready to use "sandwich" membranes
• Use: chemiluminescence and fluorescence
• Pore size: 0,45 µm
• Diameter: 132 mm

Amersham ECL protein marking and detection for Western Blot

• Sensitivity: 10 pg
• Duration of the program: 1 to 2 hours
• Reprobing possible with 2 antibodies
• Membrane surface: 60 000 cm²
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