Transilluminators and illuminators


• Complete range with single or double wavelength, white light and ultraviolet
• Stainless steel case
• Reduced heat

Blue/Green LED Transilluminator

• No UV rays for user safety and to limit DNA degradation
• Allows the visualization of green and red stains (Midori Green, Smartglow, Evergreen, Gel green, BET...)
• LED source located on the side, under the viewing surface
• Comes with an amber filter goggle
• Optional amber filter screen to facilitate the visualization of DNA bands

Technical specifications :• Viewing window : 200 x 160 mm
• Wavelength : 480 et 530 nm
• Dimensions (W x L x H) : 340 x 270 x 50 mm
• Weight : 2,9 kg

Blue and white LED transilluminator

• White light for visualization of Coomassie blue or silver nitrate stained gels
• Blue light (470 nm) for visualization of nucleic acids labeled with a fluorescent dye such as Midori Green, Smartglow, Evagreen or Gelgreen
• Adjustable light intensity 3 levels
• Removable 580 nm amber filter
• Automatic shutdown after 5 minutes
• 12 x 18 cm viewing window
• Can be used in vPCR (vialibility PCR)

PrepOne Sapphire mini transilluminator

• LED tablet for 10 x 10 cm gels
• Does not require the use of glasses
• For gels dyed with SYBR green/gold, Gelgeen or other similar fluorescent dyes (excitation at ~490 nm)
• Dimensions: 20.30 x 15.20 cm

SmartBlue Transilluminator

• Blue LED Transilluminators (465 nm)
• Optimal WaveLenght for green stains
• Uniform illumination
• Easily removable, two position amber filter cover
• Display window : 17 x 12 cm

Accuris E3000 and E3100 UV transilluminators

• 302 nm UV light, for the visualisation of nucleic acids labelled with a fluorescent dye such as BET, EmeralDye, SmartGlow or SYBRGreen
• Hinged UV safety cover
• Compatible with Smartdoc darkroom part number 062695, for smartphone photography
• Available in two sizes
• 2 year warranty
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