Dyes for nucleic acids

Ethidium bromide dropper bottle

For easy and safe addition of ethidium bromide in solutions. Add one drop per 50 ml of solution to obtain a concentration of 0.5 µg / ml. Bottle is waterproof and provides protection against UV.

Instastain® ethidium bromide staining card

• Quick and easy
• No pipetting required, delivers a small amount of stain to the agarose
gel via a special paper backing
• Place the card on the gel and wait: 8-10 min. for 1% agarose gels and 3-5 min. for 0.8% agarose gels
• Each card will stain a gel up to 7 x 7 cm in size

ClearLine® EmeralDye Stain

High sensitivity even for small fragments, superior signal to noise ratio, can be used in a classical gel staining procedure as well as in post staining procedures, 4 - 6 µl in 100 ml of agarose.

Midori Green stains

• For the labeling of nucleic acids
• Non-carcinogenic alternative to ethidium bromide
• Storage solution without DMSO

3 versions :• Midori Green Advance : high sensitivity for small fragments, background noise reduction, dye to be added during the preparation of the gel or following the migration, 4 - 6 µl for 100 ml of agarose ; main excitation wavelength 490 nm / secondary 290 nm ; emission wavelength 530 nm
• Midori Green Direct : mix directly with the samples ratio 10:1 , background noise reduction, included a dye load ; main excitation wavelength 490 nm / secondary 270 nm ; emission wavelength 530 nm
• Midori Green Xtra : ultra sensitive dye when excited in blue or blue / green light (detecting nucleic acids aquantity detection lower than 4 ng), for excitation in the UV rather choose the Midori Green Advance, very low background noise, 4 - 8 µl for 100 ml of agarose ; main excitation wavelength 482 nm / secondary 250 nm ; emission wavelength 509 nm

DNA-dye NonTox

• Non-hazardous, non-mutagenic and non-toxic alternative to ethidium bromide
• Ready-to-use 6X charge buffer for direct mixing with samples
• Contains 3 migration dyes: bromophenol blue, xylene cyanol and orange G
• Excitable by UV and blue light
• Excitation/emission spectrum : 495 (pic 1), 260 (pic 2) nm / 540 nm

Gel Green nucleic acid gel stain

• For staining nucleic acids
• Alternative non mutagenic non cytotoxic and no ethidium bromide
• More sensitive than ethidium bromide and SYBR Green
• Extremely stable: long-term storage at room temperature and can be microwaved
• Dye to be added during the preparation of the gel or staining afterwards
• Easy to use
• Main excitation wavelength 505 nm / secondary 270 nm
• Emission wavelength 530 nm

SmartGlow stain

• Direct replacement for Ethidium Bromide
• Excitation with both UV (290 nm) and Blue Light (490 nm)
• Store at 4 °C
• Better sensitivity than EtBr

Agarose Tablets, TBE and Midori Green Advance

Midori Green Advance is a non-carcinogenic alternative to ethidium bromide for the labeling of nucleic acids.

DNA dye for DNAzure blue gel

• Dye visible to the naked eye after 5 to 30 minutes of exposure to light
• Ultrasensitive, band visualization up to 1 ng of DNA
• Excision of the bands of interest without the use of a UV lamp
• Dye compatible with subsequent use of DNA for sequencing and cloning
• The use of bromophenol blue (found in some loading buffers) is not recommended, it is preferable to use G
• Picture taking possible without imager
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